IMG_1568hi everyone and welcome to the new and improved LegacyKnitz website.  we are working to get this up to speed one day at a time.  we want this to act as a home for all of our LegacyKnitz Knerdz to come and learn a little more about who we are and what we are doing in our corner of the fiber art world.

we are a mother/daughter collaboration looking to spread creative inspiration, love, and as many laughs as a body can handle.  we started our bi-weekly podcast with the intention of entering into a community where we could share our love for knitting (mostly) and ended up finding  ourselves among an unbreakable family of makers. we are looking forward to growing with you guys both personally and creatively.  so take a look around and enjoy!

needles up people!

15 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Love your commitment to be citizens of the world! Very important in our current climate. I’ve enjoyed your podcast and love the two of you together. So much fun 1


  2. To quote Sue: ” I. LOVE. This.” You two are just the most adorable, funny, interesting people! I came across your podcasts a couple of days ago and have already watched the first 8! Yes, that’s over 8 hours worth of watching and I loved every minute. I’m knitting products for my Etsy shop at the moment and you have been such fun companions along that journey. So thank you so much for your lovely podcasts, listened to in my teeny tiny studio in the very middle of England. Oh, and I am now stalking you on Instagram too 😉


  3. Love your podcast You are such an inspiration to me and all the positive energy you spread reaches around the world! Every time there is a new episode is like christmas to me;) So fun that you are a mother daughter team! I hope to get my hands on some of your lovely yarn at the next update!!!
    Lots and lots of love from “swedish Austria” 😉


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