Chelsea Justin Wedding GHP 10.15543hey guys, my name is Chelsea and i am a third generation legacy knitter apprenticing under my most talented mother, who’s been knitting for over 20 years at this point.  my apprenticeship started around February when i had way too much time on my hands and an excess of creative energy pooled up inside of me.  i started with a pair of vanilla socks using Patons Kroy self-striping sock yarn and 2 [size 2] circular needles.  i finished that pair of socks [made for my lovely fiancé] in about 4 weeks-  and i was hooked.

since then i’ve branched out [albeit, not very far yet] and have started casting on other projects but i always have a pair [or 3] of socks on the needles.  i want to allow my project page to bloom into it’s own entity so i won’t go on too much about current projects, just that i have them cast on and there are no signs of stopping.

i went to Roger Williams University and graduated with a degree in dance performance with a minor in business and a focus in fine art.  since graduating in 2009 i’ve had a slew of different jobs [the majority of which were in the restaurant industry] and am currently employed as an operations coordinator for an aerospace manufacturing firm in middle-of-nowhere, CT.  i just recently got married to one of the best men you’ll ever meet and we have a snarky pup named Romo that we couldn’t love more.  with our new life just beginning and an overwhelming excess of free time on my hands, there is no telling what kind of fun there is to be had.  stay tuned.

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