the 5 reasons i love to knit

welp, here’s the first official LegacyKnitz blog post. [holy overwhelming]

i guess i’ll start by telling you the 5 reasons i love to knit.

1.  i’m never ever bored.  think back on all of the times in your life that you’ve said to yourself “i wish i had something fun to do right now” #problemsolved

2.  all of the pretty colors. i mean…have you SEEN the indie dyers out there right now?! the hand dyed yarns offer the most gorgeous and vast color palate you’ve ever laid your eyes on. nothing  satisfies the artist in me more than to lay my eyes on an instagram post from Hedgehog Fibers, or Haute Knit Yarn and gaze into those beautifully dyed yarns and dream of the fabric they’d create…alright back to reality [wipes drool from chin].  I LOVE COLORS.

3.  it’s wearable art.  don’t you like to have something new and beautiful to wear waiting for you in your closet? [if you answered “no” please kindly excuse yourself, we don’t support that kind of negativity here at LegacyKnitz] the correct answer to this is “YES I DO, EVERYONE DOES”!  well lucky for all of us knitters we get to not only acquire the most gorgeous clothing, but we get to make said clothing for ourselves.  Since i was a wee pup i’ve been fortunate enough to be wearing hand knits lovingly [and perfectly] made by my mom. however, there is no greater sense of accomplishment and pride that pulling on that first article of clothing that you made for yourself.

4.  all of the fun accessories.  if you’ve previously had a bag addiction to things such as purses, backpacks, clutches, etc. then run, and run fast…because you are about to dive into a whole different realm of addiction.  without further ado, i present to you the project bag.  they come in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and colors, and they house your precious knitting.  let me get your palate wet by introducing you to Freckled Whimsy and the lovely Stitched by JessaLu [with whom i’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the CT sheep and wool festival].  those are two of my personal favorites but i assure you there are a large many others out there waiting for you. can you tell i’m a bag girl? anyway, we haven’t even started to discuss stitch markers, and yarn-its, and yarn bowls….oh my.  well needless to say, there are A LOT of fun accessories that come along with this enjoyable pastime, and i recommend exploring [and purchasing] as many as possible. BONUS: 9 times out of 10 you will be supporting a small business and these artisans will take care of you better than any “big brand” store ever could.

5.  the health benefits.  generally speaking, i’m a pretty laid back chick. however, i’ve been known to have  my bouts with anxiety and stress [as i’m pretty sure everyone who is living and breathing has] and after knitting every day for around 3 months now, it’s safe to say that i’ve definitely noticed changes in not only the presence of anxiety and stress in my life, but also the way i choose to cope with such struggles.  i’ve come across a slew of articles linking health benefits to knitting [just google it, you’ll see what i mean]. in even BIGGER news- i’m learning to be patient.  i’ve been trying to learn patience for 28 years now to no avail, and in 3 short months knitting has done the work for me. granted i still have a LONG way to go- the change i’ve started seeing in this area has been eye-opening. [maybe it’s just because i’m holding a set of sharp needles and i hold comfort in the fact that at any given moment i can stab a pillow out of frustration….or maybe knitting just teaches patience…i’ll let you decide which to subscribe to]

so there you have it folks, the five reasons i LOVE to knit.  i’d love for you to share the reasons you decided to pick up knitting, or why you love to knit in the comments below.

needles up people, happy knitting.

2 thoughts on “the 5 reasons i love to knit

  1. I crochet for the very same reasons. I’m learning to knit now as well. I find doing both crafts has been liberating. I can now do what ever I want in whatever form I want. It’s so much fun.


  2. I knit because it helps me get through long trips and provides stress relief from studying. I’m also learning to crochet for the same stress relief.


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