time to branch out.

totally not in the mood to blog today but it’s been far too long and i miss it, so here we go…after a lovely chat with my very good friend Ally this morning, i’ve realized that it’s time to branch out in my sock knitting skills.  I have been making socks the exact same way for 5 months now.  [drop heel, cuff down, vanilla-esque] SO i decided to set some goals for the next three pairs of socks i make. ready, set, go!

1.  go toe-up.   never done it, need to try it.  i have the Flying North sock pattern printed out and ready to go for this one.  just need to nail down some awesome speckled yarn [have my eye on this gorgeous Lynai Confetti Cake] they’re gonna be gorge.

2.  fish lips kiss and after-thought. [and really any other kind of heel out there]  after doing heel flaps over and over again, i’m very eager to try both/all of these.  bonus: i also want to start plugging in a contrasting color for heels and toes.

3.  D.P.N.  I’ve only ever made socks on two circular needles and would like to take a whack at this quad-needle thing that so many of you are so talented at.  i’ve used DPNs for my barn raising squares but never socks.  they seem a little finicky for my liking, but i don’t want to rule them out without trying.

so there are my goals.  i find that setting goals is the best result-driving, technique-learning tool for me to use to motivate myself with my projects.  i feel such an incredible sense of accomplishment when goals are reached and a renewed sense of energy when i cast on my next goal-reaching venture.

so now i’m curious…i told you guys what drives me…but what is it that drives you to keep going on all of your WIPs? leave it in the comments!  i want to chit chat with any and all of you incredible crafters out there, so tell me wassup!

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