it is time [wedding recap]

hey guys, i’m married now, and it is time that i get my shit together [excuse the profanity].  i have an un-godly amount of un-documented WIPS and even more blog topics to write about and a podcast that i’ve been promising for well over a year now that i need to either act on or re-think [periscope?]  so let’s begin…first blog topic: obligatory wedding recap.

because my mother has created the most incredible web of knitting friends through her periscope feed and has graciously introduced me to a large handful of these wonderful individuals, i feel that i need to share a few of my favorite moments from our wedding so that everyone that i’ve been chatting with on periscope can get a better look into the day that my mother and i have been talking about for so long.

top three most favorite moments from the best day of our lives [so far]:

1. the entire mass/ceremony–  this was the point in the day i felt the most relaxed and really [really] took the time to soak everything in.  the moment justin and i smiled at each other it was as if everything was put into perspective, the stress melted away and we were ready to have some fun.

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2. the father daughter dance– my dad and i danced to the song that we danced to my entire childhood before bed, The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Carly Simon. it was the most fun dancing experience i’ve ever had [and that’s saying a lot considering that the vast majority of my life was spent dancing] sidenote: we could also make a hell of a karaoke duo, we sang every lyric. #lookoutcarlysimon

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3. great aunt theresa’s birthday song- when justin and i picked out our wedding date 2 years ago we did so completely unaware that the day we picked was going to land on great aunt theresa’s 91st birthday.  when this was realized we immediately began planning how we would celebrate.  see below for result of said planning.

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so there you have it folks, three of my most favorite moments from the big day.  i hope you enjoy the slide shows and i will be seeing you soon with more of my knitting ventures now that i can say that this wedding has been properly documented and thoroughly celebrated.


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