our visit with Marigolds’ Loft

for anyone that follows us on Instagram and hasn’t seen our post about the interview (thanks IG algorithm) on Marigolds Loft this morning, i wanted to be sure we were able to share it with all of our favorite knerdz on all of the platforms.

our new friend Natalie took some time to ask us a few questions about our crafting world as well as our every day world -which can some times be hard to distinguish between- and decided to share it with everyone on her beautiful blog space.

Marigold’s Loft group can be found on Ravelry and Natalie’s Ravelry page is found under the username Marigoldsloft (all one word)

Natalie is running a 2016 Sock-Along through her Ravelry group and she has some fabulous sponsors behind this year long venture.  If you’re already planning on/have been knitting socks this year (and i know you all are, because they are the most fun to knit) then head on over and see if this KAL might be up your ally.  She offers pattern suggestions to serve as inspiration and is very responsive if questions do arise in the group.

thank you Natalie for your interest in our little podcast and for helping to share our story.

needles up people!




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